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Ornamental Services

Shrubs and Trees

Shrub, Tree and Ground Cover Fertilization

We offer shrub, tree, and ground cover feedings twice a year; once in the spring and once in the fall. Our program consists of a foliar spray rich in micronutrients, even including a kelp extract proven to provide added benefits to your landscape. Iron-loving plants such as azaleas and camellias will be given a special blend of iron-rich granular fertilizer. We base pricing on the size and complexity of your landscape, starting at $75. Contact us for a free estimate.

Pre-Emergent Shrub Bed Application

Preventing weeds is a whole lot easier than pulling them. We offer pre-emergent shrub bed applications in both the spring and fall, preventing a wide variety of weed seeds from successfully germinating. A substantial reduction in unsightly weeds allows you more enjoyable garden time. Our products are compatible with ornamental shrubs and trees and won't stain concrete, stepping stones, or pavers. Contact us today for a free estimate. We base pricing on the size of your landscape, starting at $75.

Aphid Prevention

Aphid feeding on your ornamentals are sometimes hard to spot, but their sticky sap drip isn't, often leaving walkways, patio furniture, and car windshields a mess. We offer season-long relief from aphid for your trees and shrubs with our pressurized soil injection system, which delivers a systemic control material to your plant's roots. Plants pick up the product, distributing it to their leaves, and are provided with protection from aphid, borers, scale, leaf hoppers, and white fly. This service is performed in the winter dormant period in December and January before plants wake up in the spring. Prices start at $75 and depend on the variety and size of the plants being treated. Tree sizes are based on trunk diameter at chest height. Some commonly affected shrubs and trees are as follows:

  • Roses (standard, tree, climbing, tea, and miniature)
  • Standard and Shrub Crepe Myrtles
  • Elm, Oak, Ash, Hackberry, Birch, Tulip, Willow, and Maple trees
  • Rose of Sharon, Hibiscus, Mock Orange, Arbutus, and Potato Vine

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*we do not provide this service to nut or fruit crop trees