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Our Customers

Turf Program

  • "I have been with NutriLawn for 10+ years and I love how healthy and green my grass is. Having a busy schedule, it's one less thing I have to worry about. They know the right times to fertilize so my grass is ALWAYS green and I have never had to deal with any diseases or fungus in my lawn. Not only do they keep my grass green and healthy they leave me detailed notes if I have a dry spot showing up or anything that doesn't look right. They have helped me optimize my irrigation to get the most efficient watering system possible as well as installing a solar sync irrigation clock so I never have to adjust my watering times for hotter days in the summer and cooler days in the winter, it does it all for me! Simply put, NutriLawn is awesome!"

    – Mindy Webb , Chico

  • "I have used NutriLawn on our yards for at least 25 years. Jeff and his team have always done an excellent job for me. It is easy for me to recommend NutriLawn to anyone who needs lawn service."

    – Greg Webb , Chico

  • "Sheraton has utilized NutriLawn’s expertise and professional care of our investment properties for many years. Whether you are an owner of a single family residence or a large commercial corporate property, I highly recommend NutriLawn."

    – Larry Ruby, Sheraton Real Estate Management , Chico

  • "NutriLawn has serviced my properties for years. They keep my lawns green and beautiful. They also treat the plants for aphid sticky drip, which is a great service. I'm always happy with their work and would gladly recommend them to anyone."

    – Mary Wittmeier

Lake Management

  • "NutriLawn has maintained my half acre pond for several years. Prior to NutriLawn's assistance, we had an unmanageable weed infestation every summer in our farm pond. Due to NutriLawn's expertise those problems have been resolved and we now have a weed free body of water that we can enjoy."

    – Hank Wallace, Rancher

  • "I’ve been working with NutriLawn (Jeff Armstrong) for the past 10 years on our private lake in Butte County. He is an incredible professional. They have helped us properly identify our aquatic weeds and also develop a cost effective weed treatment program. NutriLawn has also given us invaluable assistance in obtaining our permits, which has allowed us to continue our weed program in spite of all the cumbersome legal & regulatory issues. We are so thankful for their assistance and the personal interest they have taken in problem solving for our lake. Without their assistance, I’m convinced we would have lost our lake to those invasive aquatic weeds."

    – Dennis Nay

  • "We are a tournament ski lake south of Chico that has had a terrible time with weeds every year. A few years ago we consulted with a number of different companies to help us get them under control and consequently decided on NutriLawn. Since then, our lake has been consistently weed free and beautiful again! Jeff is a pleasure to work with and we hope to continue to do business with him for many years to come."

    – Bev Scott