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We will be offering an improved version of our WaterLoc service, an application we made available during the previous drought, to help our clients get more out of their irrigation efforts. This blend of products includes wetting agents, soil penetrants, spreaders, and a fertilizer efficiency component, all of which work together to enhance irrigation, fertilization, and weed control efforts in your lawn. Water will be able to travel deeper into the root zone and spread better laterally, while benefitting the lawn with increased retention, improved nutrient uptake, and enhanced soil structure and biology.

Our goal is to provide this service to our clients with the least financial burden as possible while supplying a way for lawns to better withstand the drought - we do not expect to profit from this service. It will be a liquid application offered as an add-on that we can complete during the same visit as your regular RP lawn services this summer. WaterLoc will start at $20 for the first 2,000 square feet followed by $5 per 1,000 square feet after that. Call our office if you are interested in this service.