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Keep Your Trees Healthy

Please do not neglect the health of your trees during the drought. To this day, we are still coming across trees experiencing the negative effects of the last drought. Trees that are weakened during drought conditions become vulnerable to disease and insect attacks as both are commonly opportunistic feeders. Mature trees often experience vulnerabilities or attacks and do not show the symptoms of the effects of these issues until years later. By this time, it is almost always too late to reverse these issues and the tree must instead be removed. California lost nearly 150 million trees due to the previous drought1. These dead trees increase the risk of fire as well as damage or loss of both life and property from limbs dropping or trees falling over. Many trees come to rely upon lawn and landscape irrigation and when lawns or landscapes are taken out, the water needs of these trees are often overlooked. That water needs to be replaced somehow. Best practice, as with any plant, is to water deeply to encourage deeper root growth. Many landscape trees are shallow rooted due to their reliance upon shallow landscape irrigation. Supplementing this watering periodically with deeper watering (16”-24” deep) will go a long way towards keeping your irreplaceable landscape trees healthy. This can be done once or twice a month during the growing season.